May 1, 2008

Happy Ascencion Thursday, and Happy Feast of St. Joseph the Worker!

Happy Ascencion Thursday! (Not a holy day in our Archdiocese today.)

And Happy Feast of St. Joseph the Worker! Pope Pius XII, of happy memory, established this feast in 1955 to make May 1 a Catholic pro-labor day, a light outshining the sickening rallies of the atheistic Communists, who today as always remain the true enemy of labor and of everyone and everything else.

May we always think of, and treat, everyone, employee and employer, poor and rich, as Jesus wants us to regard and treat each other: As our brothers and sisters and as equals in His eyes, all His lambs, all of us wayfaring brethren.

Having money does not make anyone somehow better than anyone else. Neither does having power and influence. Not every Catholic realizes these things.

St. Joseph, pray for us, all workers, our families and our Church, here in L.A. and everywhere! Help us pray, do right here on Earth, confess our sins and do penance for them, and get to Heaven! Amen.


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