Apr 20, 2005

Red dioceses and Blue dioceses

Not unlike the recent general election, Catholics are divided over the election of Cardinal Ratzinger as the 265th Roman Pontiff. The "red" dioceses are ecstatic; the "blue" dioceses are as blue (i.e., depressed) as they can be. Fortunately, in spite of decades of goofy catechesis and vapid preaching, the rank and file of the Church in America (and even in L.A.!) remains very much in the "red" camp.

It is no secret that the Archdiocese of Los Angeles is clearly in the "blue" column as are other ecclesiastical jurisdictions in California such as Orange, San Bernadino and San Jose.

April 19, 2005, was not a happy day for the likes of Cardinal Mahony and the apparatchiks of "blue" dioceses everywhere. In contrast, for those who have been suffering under the "dicatatorship of relativsim" for all these decades, the ascendancy of a Ratzinger papacy is truly a "benediction" and a time for rejoicing.


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