Apr 12, 2005

Roger the Racketeer?

American Spectator's George Neumayr compares Cardinals Mahony and Law.

"What's the difference between the fate of Cardinal Law and Cardinal Mahony? The Boston Globe. Mahony has Los Angeles Times religion reporter Larry Stammer in his pocket, as was revealed in 2002 by a leaked e-mail from the Los Angeles chancery in which Mahony promised a colleague that "Larry Stammer" would whip up a positive story for them ("he stands ready to help if we have a story we want to get out," the e-mail said). Unlike Law who had serious reporters on his heels, Mahony has long benefited from the somnolent coverage of West Coast media liberals willing to excuse his protection of pedophiles in gratitude for his political and doctrinal liberalism.

"The Los Angeles Times can at once criticize the Pope as a centralizer, then complain he didn't centralize enough during the abuse scandal, then turn to a cardinal whose scandals were made possible by that decentralization to call through him for an even more "less centralized church."

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