May 29, 2005

L.A. preaching: "I don't believe everything the Catholic Church teaches ..."

Father Kester from St. Bede's, talking about people coming into the Church at Easter, has these shocking words to say:

"[Those already baptized in another Christian faith] ... have to read this little thing that said 'I profess and believe all that the Catholic Church teaches and holds to be revealed by God.' I sat back there and I thought ... mmm ... [I'm] glad they didn't ask me to read that. I'd have to say ... I believe ... really ... a good part of it ... most of it [laughter]. I'm not sure I wanna stand up there and say I believe all [of it], everything."

"I once went and talked [about] this with my spiritual director ... [about] something I was having a little problem with, a little article of faith and he said, 'Kevin, faith is a gift from God and nobody can tell you you have to believe something. You either have the gift of faith to believe it or you don't.' I felt kind of good about that, that that would allow me to at least ponder these imponderables and not get too unglued."

Father Kester, I am told, was on a leave of absence from the active ministry for a number of years and only somewhat recently returned. I think he ought to leave again to work things out or find something else he can really believe in.

You can listen to this strange "homily" HERE.
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