May 18, 2005

Pro-abort, pro-homosexual, nominal Catholic, Latino elected mayor of Los Angeles

A sad day for L.A.

You can be sure lots and lots of Latino Catholics, even good and faithful ones, cast their votes for Villaraigosa simply because he's Latino. Mayor Hahn was no great ally of the unborn either, but Villaraigosa is even worse.

In the barrio where I live, Villaraigosa campaign signs were everywhere. My neigbors, including viejitas (little old ladies) who light their veladoras (votive candles) at church and pray the rosary, made it clear that they were voting for Villariagosa because he is Latino. Never mind that he represents everything that opposes our core values as Catholics and Latinos.

The photo below shows Villagraigosa with former Mayor and pro-abort, pro-homosexual buddy of Cardinal Roger Mahony, Richard Riordan.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, but what about our "Catholic" governor, ex-governor, etc., etc. etc. ?

12:50 PM  

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