Aug 30, 2005

El Exorcista

Mexico City, Aug. 30, 2005 (CNA) - At the recent National Congress of Exorcists held at the headquarters of the Bishops’ Conference of Mexico, organizers revealed that up to five exorcisms per day are taking place in the country.

The number of daily exorcisms has been climbing since the 1960s, according to researchers. In the central Federal District of Mexico alone there are eight priests authorized by the Holy See to perform exorcisms in order to expel demons in the name of Jesus according to the rites and norms of the Catholic Church.

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Blogger Daniel Muller said...

What was interesting to me was how openly and how far ahead of time this event was publicized; e.g., on posters in churches months beforehand. I have never seen publicity for anything like it in the United States.

9:33 PM  

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