Dec 13, 2005

Hammering heretics in San Bernardino


The Diocese of San Bernardino today will hold what experts say could be one of the few Roman Catholic heresy trials in U.S. history.

The priest on trial refuses to attend the hearing, which he calls "medieval and totally un-Christian."

"It's like the Inquisition has returned," said the Rev. Ned Reidy, of Bermuda Dunes, who also is charged with schism.
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Rev. Ned Reidy is a former Holy Cross priest. After working in the Diocese of San Bernardino for a number of years, he left the Catholic Church and his order to become a part of a schismatic group called the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC). ECC rejects the authority of the Roman Pontiff and denies other clearly defined doctrines of the Church.

Instead of putting the Reverend Ned on trial for heresy, the Church should give him an award! At least he had the honesty to admit that he does not believe what the Catholic Church teaches. The Diocese of San Bernardino ought to send him a letter of thanks for finally leaving the Church and for ceasing to masquerade as a Catholic priest.

If the Church is going to start hunting down heretics, why not start with those individuals who stay in the Church while advocating similar heterodox notions? Rather than shower such individuals with ecclesiastical honors or allow them to spread their noxious ideas by way of diocesan newspapers (e.g., this one), the Church should demand that they either recant their heretical positions or suffer the appropriate ecclesiastical penalties.

Will this happen? Let's just say you can put your hammers away. The enemy is within and in high places. "The smoke of Satan ..."


Blogger OrthodoxWarrior said...

UnChristian? That is a great line! It's not nice to hold someone accountable for what they have done apparently! Well, it's better than allowing heresy. I think more of these should be applied in Catholic Universities, maybe that will "quench the spirit" of post Vatican II heresies. I think maybe they should put a couple of Cardinals and Bishops on that list as well.

12:54 PM  
Blogger John Hearn said...

As our host said, this priest left the Church when it was no longer convenient for him (they wanted him to move to a new parish), but this trial would never have happened if he had stayed.

It seems that our hierarchy can only deal with problems of this sort after they are over.

I wish a bishop would just come out and say the he and his brother bishops are afraid of their own priests, and are willing to deny the faithful their God given right to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ because it would mean that they would have to face the world's scorn.

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out some the Webcast from St. Sabina Catholic Church in Chicago. The priest invites guests such as Harry Belafonte, Al Sharptoon and Jesse Jackson to speak on Sunday mornings. I always wondered why Cardinal George, who is very strong is still allowing this to go on. So there may be more going on than we know about. But I agree, it is very frustrating. Here is a link to St. Sabina, it will blow your mind!!

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking at the St.Sabina website you would never guess it is a Roman Catholic Church. They are primarily concerned with Afro-centric politics. The Good Friday program entitled "The Last Seven Words" included seven religious speakers but not a Catholic in the bunch!

9:25 PM  
Blogger skeetor said...

I searched through the whole website and found the word catholic four times.

the only ministry program was the eucharistic ministry:"Members of this ministry are expected to be Catholic."

another for "catholic charities" and "caholic education" also in the mission statement of the knights of whatever...

the term "faith community" is rampant however and gives me the willies.

all in all I give them a thumbs down.

10:15 AM  

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