Jul 21, 2006

Pro-Mount Soledad Cross article -- in The Tidings

The July 21 issue of The Tidings carries an article (click on this post's title) by law school dean Douglas Kmiec in defense of the constitutionality of the Mount Soledad Cross in San Diego. It is a good one.

Some kind friends of this blog have been asking me to resume using illustrations, so here is one. As you can see, it shows the Transfiguration. It is from Jesuit Father Jerome Nadal's 1595 Adnotationes et Meditationes in Evangelia ("Notes and Meditations on the Gospels"). I found it at http://catholic-resources.org


Anonymous Consanescerion said...

Thanks for the tip! The Catholic resources page is nice. It's got a great collection of Dore art. Not sure why I haven't run across it before, but there you go.

2:48 AM  

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