Jan 18, 2007

Catholic teachers in L.A. and everywhere must defend the babies

Yesterday Ole Q quoted Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of Nancy Pelosi, about her obviously modernist education in, said the San Francisco Chronicle yesterday, "progressive Catholic schools." Here is her statement again:

"We were taught just to accept people, that was just a given. I don't ever remember being told at Convent of the Sacred Heart that gay was wrong. They never even told us there was anything wrong with abortion. They were just choices. That's why it was weird when I'd go to these [evangelical Protestant] places and...people would say, 'It's in the Bible.' And they fall back on the Bible for everything."

If Alexandra Pelosi is telling the truth about, or recalling accurately, what she was taught, then her teachers at "progressive Catholic schools" failed in their duty as Catholic teachers.

Is this just Ole Q's opinion? No, it is what our U.S. bishops say in their 1998 document, Living the Gospel of Life: A Challenge to American Catholics. Listen:

"30. Priests, religious, catechists, Catholic school teachers, family life ministers and theologians all share, each in their appropriate way, in the Church's task of forming the Catholic faithful in a reverence for the sanctity of life. We call them to a renewed commitment to that task. In their words and example, they should witness loyally and joyfully to the truth that every human life, at every stage of development, is a gift from God."

Now, if our U.S. bishops, including Cardinal Mahony, would just start enforcing their words, we might actually get somewhere in turning American Catholics into pro-life baby-savers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I worked in the Church a number of years and I am convinced that, though there are some truly dedicated to the pro-life cause, too many, including priests, bishops, sisters, consider it a secondary concern, at best. As the Church, on abortion, we have failed and will continue to do so until enough priests and bishops care and have the guts to do something. Until then, well, just keep counting the number of unborn lost.

4:27 AM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Anonymous 4:27 a.m.,

Thanks very much for your input and your analysis.

What you say dovetails with my experience, too. They consider the babies "a secondary concern, at best."

Same with what you say about them lacking guts. There are lots of elderly pro-life ladies and lots of young pro-life mommies out there who have FAR more guts than almost all Catholic men nowadays, because the ladies and mommies dare to go out to the mills.

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Kenneth M. Fisher, Founder & Chairman, Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc. said...


At the Mill at which I pray the Holy Rosary almost every Saturday, we have hardly any women, all men, go figure!

Kenneth M. Fisher

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Kenneth M. Fisher, Founder & Chairman, Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc. said...

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