Apr 26, 2007

Correction: Mexico bishops said pro-abort pols incur excommunication as soon as the first baby is killed

An article I just read somewhere (sorry, I do not have the link) has clarified what the bishops of Mexico, presumably including Archbishop Aguirre of Acapulco, said about excommunication and the pro-abortion politicians:

The bishops said the politicians of Mexico City will incur automatic excommunicati0n as soon as the first baby is aborted as a result of their vote to legalize the killings.

Sorry my last post relied on what the New York Times reported incorrectly about Archbishop Aguirre.

What I wished Cardinal Mahony would say still applies, that he would tell all the pro-abortion politicians in this Archdiocese that they are excommunicated because they are complicit directly in the abortions of babies by the hundreds of thousands.


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