Jun 11, 2007

Nunez and cronies had to pull the plug on AB 374

We can all give thanks to Almighty God, the Author of Life and Liberty, that late last week Assemblymen Patty Berg, Lloyd Levine and Fabian "I'll buck my Church" Nunez had to dump their AB 374 doctor-orchestrated "suicide" bill for this session.

They did not have the votes!

We have to stay alert in the coming months, though, because, as Life Priority Network reports:

"This makes AB 374 a 'two-year bill', meaning that next year the bill authors can bring it up for an Assembly floor vote in January. If AB 374 does not clear the Assembly by the end of January 2008, it is truly dead. Conceivably, the bill authors could continue to try to get support for AB 374 from other legislators between now and January. The situation will be monitored."

Kudos to everyone, including Cardinal Roger Mahony, who publicly opposed this sinister and dangerous anti-life bill.

Columnist George Skelton blasted the Cardinal for saying Nunez's sponsorship of the bill showed he had taken the path of the culture of death. Sorry, George, but AB374 epitomized the culture of death.

We should remember, though, that there is much more that Cardinal Mahony and the rest of us need to do if we are to be more effective in fighting the culture of death, especially as it dooms hundreds of thousands of abortion-targeted babies in our Golden State every year.


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