Jul 10, 2007

Don't forget what else Pope Benedict has said about Latin

In Sacramentum Caritatis, on February 22 of this year, Pope Benedict XVI gave us this instruction:

#62. Speaking more generally, I ask that future priests, from their time in the seminary, receive the preparation needed to understand and to celebrate Mass in Latin, and also to use Latin texts and execute Gregorian chant; nor should we forget that the faithful can be taught to recite the more common prayers in Latin, and also to sing parts of the liturgy to Gregorian chant.

Ask your cardinal or bishop if they have obeyed, or are planning to speedily obey, this request from the Vicar of Christ.

Is your seminary teaching Latin now, or will it next semester?

Is your diocesan liturgy office, or some other diocesan office, teaching Latin prayers and Gregorian chant to the laity, or will it in the very near future?

We should ask our bishops and chancery offices to do these things between now and the Sept. 14 deadline the Holy Father has set.


Anonymous Kenneth M. Fisher, Founder & Chairman, Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc. said...

Any priest who wishes to learn the Mass of SAINT PIUS V at the Insitute of Christ the King, and who needs financial assistance to do so, is encourgaged to contact us at: 714-491-2284 or crcoa@dslextreme.com.

God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
Kenneth M. Fisher, Founder & Chairman, Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc., www.crcoa.com

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