Nov 23, 2007

The Osservatore Romano publishes new comments by Archbishop Ranjith

Catholic World News is reporting (click on this post's title) that the new edition (it doesn't seem to be online yet) of L'Osservatore Romano contains an interview with Archbishop Ranjith in which he warns against abuses in saying Mass and he also continues his recent warnings against opposing Pope Benedict's motu proprio that frees priests to say the Latin Mass.

We know that nothing gets in the Osservatore that the Pope is going to disagree with.

The publication of this interview in such an authoritative journal suggests that Archbishop Ranjith's recent criticisms of anti-Latin-Mass bishops have had the okay of the Pope and that the Archbishop has not, as some opponents of the Latin Mass hope, been speaking as a loose cannon.

May acceptance of the Latin Mass continue to grow, including among the hierarchy!


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