Nov 1, 2008

Keep on praying for the babies -- and vote on Tuesday!

There is plenty of hope!

Let's not listen to the drumbeat of the liberal, pro-abortion "news" media -- let's pray the Rosary for all pro-life, pro-family candidates and all pro-life, pro-family initiatives (Prop 4 and Prop 8 in California) from this very hour all the way through Tuesday, Election Day.

And let's be sure to get all of our pro-family and pro-life family members, relatives and friends out to vote on Tuesday, transporting them personally if we can.

How can anyone look at and meditate on the painting above, by the 17th-century master Georges de la Tour, and still vote pro-abortion?

How can they not soften their hearts and not want to do their utmost for preborn babies and their moms?

Our Lady of Victory, pray for us, and pray for preborn babies and their moms! Amen!


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