Sep 17, 2009

Fr. Roger Landry writes about the funeral Mass for Teddy Kennedy points out that in his column (click on this post's title) in the September 18 issue of The Anchor, the newspaper of the Diocese of Fall River, Massachusetts, Fr. Roger Landry, the paper's editor, writes about the funeral Mass for pro-abort Teddy Kennedy.

Fr. Landry says that the elaborate funeral Mass "seemed to communicate that it was more a public, political apotheosis of Senator Kennedy than a humble, insistent prayer of the Church his mother for the forgiveness of his sins and the repose of his soul."

Fr. Landry adds, "This was probably not helpful to the Senator eschatologically, obviously scandalous to devout pro-lifers spiritually, and likely injurious to the Church both doctrinally and practically." He concludes:

"This...controversy was totally avoidable; all that was necessary was to adhere to the letter and spirit of the Catholic funeral rite. And the Senator, pro-lifers and the Church as a whole certainly deserved that the Senator’s funeral be an unambiguous and undiluted expression of the Church’s faith."


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