May 30, 2005

L.A. Preaching: People, can't we all just get along?

Another homiletic gem from Father Kester. Hear it for yourself HERE.

"We look around, there's so much religious hatred, political hatred. The surest sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit among us is that we learn to love our enemies, that we reach out and invite everybody to be a part of our religion no matter what. Can you think of anybody that you do not want to be part of our faith? Is there anybody you want to exclude because of race or education or financial abilities or gender or SEXUAL ORIENTATION or whatever? We're all one in Jesus Christ. We come to communion today at Mass. The word communion means union with; we're all together. I think as a church we need to work to include everyone. Drop our religious hatreds and bring everyone together in Jesus Christ.

Hey, guys! Father Kester welcomes you! I wonder if Father has a rainbow colored stole? Ya think so?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Throw the bums out. When they want to come back, behave and worship, they're welcome. What's not welcome is grandstanding in the middle of mass. Especially grandstanding over something that's a grave disorder!!

8:13 AM  

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