May 3, 2005

Male USC student accuses priest chaplain

The Roman Catholic chaplain at USC has been temporarily removed from his post pending an investigation of allegations involving inappropriate physical conduct with an adult, a Los Angeles Archdiocese spokesman said Monday. Father William Messenger, the 55-year-old pastor at Our Savior Catholic Center, was placed on administrative leave Friday while USC and the archdiocese conduct an investigation, said archdiocesan spokesman Tod Tamberg. Messenger has served at USC since 1993. Read the rest of the L.A. Times report here.

Sadly, Our Savior Catholic Center at USC, under the direction of Father Messenger, has been a nexus of heterodoxy. See what Father "Bill" has been up to at the Center's website here.


Blogger Daniel Muller said...

Many Catholics can remember back to the days before the Second Vatican Council. We used to call the Liturgy "the Mass" and generally speaking there was little joy in our prayer. Celebration was relegated to the parish hall, and it was considered profane to even speak in church. This meant that it was possible to pray next to a person who might be thinking of suicide and never even know it. Imagine! A person commits suicide who an hour before had been praying beside you to the God of love. Not much sense of celebration or community there!

No, not much sense there at all!

10:11 PM  

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