May 13, 2005

One-way ticket to Rome?

There had been talk in the past that the Cardinal of Los Angeles was once offered a desk job at the Vatican during the latter years of John Paul II's pontificate. As far as one can tell, this offer was made before the construction of the hideous edifice known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. The word is that Mahony turned down the "offer." With Pope Benedict XVI now on the throne of St. Peter, discussion is surfacing again about the prospects of a Mahony transfer to Rome. With the L.A. homosexual clergy abuse settlement expected to be announced soon -- a settlement which will surely be the largest in the U.S. Church ($1 billion or more) -- along with the myriad of problems that have mushroomed during Mahony's long reign in L.A., a modest "clerical" job in the Vatican might be the perfect solution. One can only hope.


Anonymous Tom S said...

Let's just say we get lucky and Mahony is moved up, as they say. Who, other than the Lord himself, could fix the mess that Mahony is leaving as his legacy?

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever seen any kind of financial report on the Cathedral project. Mahony always said that it was "fully funded." But "fully funded" does not mean "paid in full." I truly wonder what the financial shape of that whole project really is.

I have visited the Cathedral once and there is nothing about it that would inspire me to return. Oh yes, I know, the Blessed Sacrament is there, but one would hardly know it. The Blessed Sacrament "chapel" looks like a janitor's closet. I prefer to go where there is an atmosphere of prayer and reverence, and not at the Cathedral, even though it's closer to where I work.

3:04 PM  

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