May 12, 2005

Very Roman (sic)

From Our Lady of the "Angles" webpage, a plea:


"Become a Cathedral Associate.

"Become a member by calling: (213) 680-5219. The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is a significant religious, cultural (sic) and civic (sic) institution in our community. In addition to being an important civic (sic) landmark (sic), the Cathedral has also developed and funded educational and social programs benefiting the greater Los Angeles community. You can help support the important outreach programs, operations and the mission of the Cathedral by becoming a Cathedral Associate. For more information please call us at (213) 680-5219 or email us at"

Details surrounding Cathedral Associates used to be posted on the OLAC webpage, but I could not find that information when I searched for it today. Essentially, depending on how much $$$ you give, you get partial or full parking privileges in the Cathedral underground parking structure. Whoop-dee-do! If my memory serves me, if you give the bigger bucks, you get a personal tour of the building with His Eminence. If you give the lesser amount, you get a tour with the Monsignor. I think they throw in some Cathedral wine and cheese, but I am not certain. Makes you wanna send that e-mail off and sign up today, don't it???


Blogger Jayson F. said...

Its truly a sign of a lack of faith in a diocese when they have to give out prizes for people to tithe.

6:55 PM  

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