Jun 13, 2005

USC chaplain resigns

L.A. Catholic has received information regarding the controversial priest-chaplain at Our Savior University Parish which serves Catholic students at the University of Southern California. The L.A. Times reported early last month that Father William Messenger had been accused of "inappropriate touching" of a male university student.

According to an Archdiocesan official, the investigation into this serious allegation revealed that other persons had come forward with "related" complaints about the priest. The Church official added that "... the investigation also revealed violations of Church and University policies regarding alcohol that had nothing to do with the original report of misconduct." In view of what will likely be a somewhat lengthy investigation, sources say that Father Messenger has elected to resign his post as pastor while making no admission of guilt regarding the allegations of inappropriate conduct.

There is no mention on the part of the Archdiocesan official of any violation of Church teaching. On that score Messenger is beyond a doubt guilty. For over a decade and apparently with Cardinal Mahony's blessing, Father Messenger has openly dissented from Church teaching through his preaching and by way of the official "USC Catholic Community" webpage.

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Blogger Meg, Customer Disservice Lightning Rod said...

Wow. Someone just sent me this link, knowing, as a former 'SCatholic, I'd appreciate it. I'm just sorry this didn't happen years ago. Actually, I'm sorrier that Cardinal Mahoney didn't see fit to remove the blatantly heretical priest responsible for leading so many vulnerable young adults astray. How ironic is the "Catholic Trojan" concept-- what was labeled "Catholic" was nothing but trouble and spiritual warfare on the inside.

Perhaps this means the end of "co-consecration," pita bread, lack of kneeling, and universal salvation at the USC Catholic Center . . .

8:10 AM  
Blogger Quintero said...


Sounds like you know Father "Bill" very well. I'd love to hear more.

1:11 PM  

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