Jul 10, 2005

L.A. Masses

Anything to report, good or bad, about Sunday Mass in L.A. today?


Blogger Clayton said...

One of the top 10 homilies I've ever heard at St. Charles Borromeo in North Hollywood, at the 1 pm Mass. It was the Carmelite priest who does weekend work at St. Charles. Don't know his name, but the homily was remarkable.

He talked about duck hunting - how there are basically two kinds of duck: puddle ducks and diver ducks. Puddle ducks stay in shallow water, and scrounge for food wherever little effort is required. The diver ducks are not satisfied with what is on the surface, but condition and train themselves so they can dive deeply and eat the weeds that are far below the surface. He related it to the parable of the seed and sower, asking: what kind of duck are you? A puddle duck, doing the minimum required, but not investing time or energy... or a diver duck?

3:06 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...


Find out that priest's name!

4:42 PM  

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