Sep 23, 2005

Peddling poison to children

Father Richard (just call me Dick) Sparks

To learn more about the horrendous sex education programs that are used in Catholic schools (!), go to Clayton Emmer's podcast, SEX EDUCATION IN THE CATHOLIC SCHOOLS. This podcast talks about two curricula, Valuing Values and Growing in Love. Paulist Father and "sexologist" Richard Sparks is one of the authors of Growing in Love.

"Dr. Alfred Kinsey would be very pleased with the Growing in Love curriculum," states expert Barb Anderson, who describes this program which is used in elementary Catholic schools as outright "pornographic".

Parents who assume that their children are "safe" in Catholic schools had better inform themselves about what is often euphemistically called a "Family Life" curriculum. Most of these programs are beyond a doubt both spiritually and pyschologically devastating for children and could harm them for life.

Clayton's blog, THE WEIGHT OF GLORY, features excellent podcasts on the theme of "the family and the new evangelization" at DOXAPOD AUDIO.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can’t explain the connection but whenever I see a picture of Father Sparks, I think “gerbil.”

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