Sep 20, 2005

Recipe for disaster

  1. Defrost bread according to the instructions above the microwave
  2. Place loaves on plate - 3 or 4 at 10:30 AM & 7 PM, 1 or 2 at 9 PM
  3. Put wine in the decanter

The above is from the "ministry guidelines" for sacristans at the Paulist run UCLA Newman Center.

Loaves? As in invalid matter? Decanter? As in "they are never to be used as containers for the Precious Blood?"

I think the folks at UCC need to read Redemptionis Sacramentum for Dummies (and Dissidents).

There is just no end to the liturgical madness in Mahony's L.A.

How long, O Lord?


Blogger Venerable Aussie said...

Do they suggest what detergent to use when doing the dishes after the meal?

2:47 AM  
Blogger CS said...

No, they just leave them out for the next Mass to deal with.

9:48 PM  

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