Oct 17, 2005

True believer

He is the driving force behind California's Proposition 73 (Parents' right to know and child protection initiative) plus ...

Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission
San Diego News Notes
San Francisco Faith
La Cruz de California


At Planned Parenthood in San Diego, President Mark Salo said Holman's low-profile but critical support for Proposition 73 does not surprise him. For years, as he entered the driveway at the agency, Salo would pass a lone abortion protester. The man never yelled or bothered anyone, but he did hold a sign bearing an enlarged color picture of a fetus.

"It was Jim Holman," Salo said, "just standing out there with his sign."
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another Joe Scheidler! God bless him and keep him. How we need such people, such men, of true faith and courage.

Ave Maria!

8:57 AM  
Blogger Tito said...

Ave Maria indeed!

Great story on Jim Holman. I try to live life like Christ has taught and sometimes it's difficult. But knowing there are others out there in financialy better straights that put their money where their Faith is is truly heart warming!

4:51 PM  

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