Oct 16, 2005

Life on the streets in L.A.

A suspected addict on L.A.’s skid row, where thousands of people live and heroin is easy to come by. (photo by Francine Orr/LAT)

LA TIMES' Steve Lopez gives a VIDEO REPORT on the harsh reality of life on the streets in L.A.


Anonymous Suzie said...

Steve Lopez is one of my favorite LA Times columnists. I've been following his story about Nathaniel Anthony Ayers, the Julliard-trained homeless, schizoprenic cellist/violinist. His stories are truly moving and give a human side to the LA homeless problem that I've never found anywhere else. I work in downtown LA (financial district) and come into contact with these people on a daily basis. I've become acquainted with one guy (Walter) that I see on my way to the parking lot every day. Although he has AIDs and lives on the street, he has a sweet disposition and always tries to be upbeat and thankful to God for all the little things people do for him. He engages passers-by (that's how I got to know him) and everyone in the area knows him. When his stuff was stolen last year, people brought him new clothes, a sleeping bag, etc. Not all homeless people are addicts or schizoprenics.

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