Nov 17, 2005

Not a pretty picture

(Stephen Osman/LA TIMES)

THE LOS ANGELES TIMES does a number on L.A.'s seminary.

"About 10% of St. John's graduates reported to have been ordained in the Los Angeles Archdiocese since 1950 — 65 of roughly 625 — have been accused of molesting minors, according to a review of ordination announcements, lawsuits, published reports and the archdiocese's 2004 list of alleged abusers. In two classes — 1966 and 1972 — a third of the graduates were later accused of molestation."

Go HERE for full story.


Blogger bobnd said...

An archdiocese that had 3 at one time, what a poverty in the name of pastoral life coordinators and sacremental ministers. Let Mahony go because he is in over his head and let a comptent Bishop save the place. Its weird that 15% of their priests had sexual misconduct problems, but when you permit homo/heterosexual activity to go on what do you expect?

2:06 AM  

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