Jan 30, 2006

Birth control pill pollutes water supply in our Archdiocese

Don't look now, but the birth control pill is damaging the Southern California environment. The story "Traces of Prescription Drugs Found in Southland Aquifers" in the January 30, 2006, LA Times reports that estrogen-packed birth control pills are one of the prescription drugs contaminating our water supply.

So much estrogen is in creeks and other water sources that it is feminizing fish.

By the way, this is a real dilemma for the lefties, isn't it? They are ideologically hooked on both the Pill and environmentalism, and they can't give up either one.

But anyway, now we know that the Pill is wreaking havoc on our reservoirs and streams. Will this latest news prompt the Cardinal and his largely silent clergy to finally start warning their flock about the Pill?

Not likely. The Pill wreaks havoc every day on the souls of its users, on their physical and emotional health and on their marriages. The Pill also literally wreaks havoc on the newly conceived and never-to-be-baptized babies (an estimated 9 million a year in the United States alone) whom it aborts so often. These evils have not moved the Cardinal or most clergy to action.

Dear Lord, please inspire all of our shepherds to clean up our spiritual environment! Amen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Q you may have misread this article

Better link: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-drugs30jan30,0,5723467.story

It doesn't say that the fish in the L.A. aquifers are being feminized... though they may be...

*thought you'd like to know-*

8:54 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Anonymous,

The article says, "Locally, small amounts of medicines for depression, seizures, high cholesterol, anxiety, infections, inflammation and pain — among other ailments — have been detected in the wastewater that flows into California streams and seeps into drinking-water aquifers. The contamination raises questions about the safety of reclaimed water consumed by the public and the health of wild creatures that inhabit waterways."

The table at the end of the article shows estrogen as one of the local contaminants.

It might have been better if I had added the word "everywhere" after I wrote about feminized fish "in creeks and other water sources." (I did not say "aquifers" there.) But it is clear that estrogen in the water supply has been found to affect fish elsewhere in the USA, and Southern California will not somehow be exempt from that effect.

10:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And do people wonder about the increase in cancers????

Drugs are NOT innocuous!

9:57 AM  

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