May 27, 2006

Is the Cardinal "educating" pro-abortion politicians?

Here, from the 2004 campaign season, is an oldie but goodie -- or baddie, as the case may be.

An article in The Tidings's issue of May 14, 2004 (click on this post's title), "Cardinal: Education on abortion is more effective than sanctions," quotes Cardinal Roger Mahony's faulty line, "And, in fact, with respect to the Eucharist, it really is not possible for a priest or bishop to deny someone Communion unless that person is known to have been a public sinner, in the sense of having been interdicted or excommunicated or formally sanctioned in some way."

You would think any Prince of the Church could immediately recognize that being actively, publicly and proudly complicit in the DISMEMBERMENTS of MILLIONS of BABIES easily makes a politician a public sinner. But in Cardinal Mahony's case, you would be wrong.

The same article also runs this astounding statement from the Cardinal: "The politicians themselves are not going in for abortions; it's women themselves, so that's the group we need to influence." Only when Teddy Kennedy goes in for an abortion will Mahony talk to him!

Our Archbishop then committed this non-sequitur: "The positive efforts to educate people about the reality of abortion and to offer women alternatives are dealt a very negative blow if all of a sudden the [C]hurch starts sanctioning people."

The Tidings article adds, "Cardinal Mahony said Catholic leaders, including lay leaders, must have a regular dialogue with Catholic politicians, discussing political issues from the point of view of Catholic moral and social teaching. 'That's our responsibility,' he said. 'We have not been doing that effectively.'"

That last sentence is quite an admission from the Cardinal: "We have not been doing that [presenting Catholic moral and social teaching to politicians]effectively." Some 36 YEARS after aborting babies became legal in California, "we have not been doing that effectively."

Your Eminence, it is now two years since you said you had not been effective in teaching Catholic politicians. Is it not time for you to update us? Have you told all, or any, of the pro-abortion Catholic politicians in your Archdiocese that they may not keep backing abortions? And if they have defied you, have you kept after them, or have you let them off the hook? So many lives and souls are at stake here in L.A., every day; will you please tell us?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again, Q, you have hit the nail on the head.

5:13 AM  
Blogger Jack Clough said...

(Please put this remark in the correct area. What an embarrassment! These people wouldn't know a mortal sin from a fart!),0,7235402.story?track=tothtml

A Ban on Kneeling? Some Catholics Won't Stand for It
By David Haldane, Times Staff Writer
May 28, 2006

At a small Catholic church in Huntington Beach, the pressing moral question comes to this: Does kneeling at the wrong time during worship make you a sinner?

Kneeling "is clearly rebellion, grave disobedience and mortal sin," Father Martin Tran, pastor at St. Mary's by the Sea, told his flock in a recent church bulletin. The Diocese of Orange backs Tran's anti-kneeling edict. . .

Father Joe Fenton, spokesman for the Diocese of Orange, said the diocese supports Tran's view that disobeying the anti-kneeling edict is a mortal sin. "That's Father Tran's interpretation, and he's the pastor," he said. "We stand behind Father Tran."

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I may have my dates wrong, but wasn't the good Cardinal out of the country for the last 10 days of the last election cycle? Must not have been any issues on the ballot in which he could've help educate the people. :(

If I am incorrect on the dates, there's still the matter of the "deafening silence" from the archdiocesan chancery on abortion and other pro-life issues.

Paul in Long Beach

2:14 PM  
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Blogger Mia said...

I AM a Roman Catholic; and the 45 year-old mother of 3 beautiful young people!I've a great deal of experience regarding
what it takes to "gain compliance" from people
(i.e. motivate them to
"do the right thing" under their own steam).
I ALSO have the experience to be quite confident regarding what does NOT work.
My experiences have varied from:
-YEARS as Director of our State Juvenile Detention Ctr.;
-Counselor for Highly "Resistant" Clients; AND
-Providing Housing & Supervision for Probationers (whose alternate was incarceration), on a strict Behavior Contract.
I have (always have had)a HIGH success rate with "My People", when otherwise they haved time & time again! Why?
I discovered early on that people will only "improve upon", or "change", their Behavior if they feel there is "something in it" for them. What's the carrot? Many people
have been oppressed or mistreated by authority
figures. Thus they become rebellious, uncooperative, perhaps even defiant when they are "told what to do" Via: "Legislation,Force
Threats, Morally Indignant Lectures",
given to them by Authority Figures!
Yes! I AM speaking of the Pre-Abortion Woman! If she is told,
"No. You WILL NOT!", it greatly increases the likelihood that the Abortion Process WILL be completed!
IF the same woman is approached by another woman, who has had the same experience, doesn't judge her (& doesn't seem to be pushing an agenda), it is likely that she will
listen. If she simply LISTENS, information WILL be absorbed. Once the state of "terror" and the belief "I can't
DO this" (have a baby) abates, she can understand the alternatives & support available to her! More importantly, once calm, she is able to access her OWN internal MORAL COMPASS to advise her in decision making!

Thanks for Being Here!!!
Mrs. M. Savage

4:57 AM  

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