May 19, 2006

Legionaries' response to Vatican statement

The Legionaries of Christ have responded (click on this post's title) to the decision by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, under Cardinal William Levada, announced today, to "invite the father [Legionaries founder Fr. Marcial Maciel D., age 86] to a reserved life of penitence and prayer, relinquishing any form of public minstry" but also, in light of his age and ill health, "to forgo a canonical hearing."

In their statement, the Legionaries say that they "renew their commitment to serve the Church" and that they "accept and will always accept the directives of the Holy See with [a] profound spirit of obedience and faith."

The Legionaries also say that Father Maciel "has accepted this communique with faith, complete serenity and tranquility of conscience..."

Clearly, if "the father" did the things of which he was accused, severe sanctions such as those announced today would be necessary. The announcement by the Holy See says, "Independently of the person of the Founder, the worthy apostolate of the Legionaries of Christ and of the Association 'Regnum Christi' is gratefully recognized."

Let us hope that the Legionaries' enemies within the Church and without will not now degrade themselves by committing the sin of rejoicing at their enemies' misfortune.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

kudos to Pope Benedict for having the courage to reopen this case and attend to it in such a speddy fashion since he was elected. To quote the Legion, I would rather be wrong with Rome on this one. I invite all to investigate this for themselves and weigh up the huge amount of evidence already in the public domain. God bless each of you, Kevin

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