May 15, 2006

"A place in the Church"

That was an informative article in last week's issue of The Tidings (click on this post's title) on the Mass at Blessed Sacrament Church in Hollywood on May 7 for the 20th anniversary of the Archdiocese's Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Catholics, which Cardinal Mahony founded.

Yesterday's post here focused on the entrance procession's placing, said The Tidings, "rainbow[-]colored banners" behind the altar. That should not have been allowed -- because the unrepentant, actively homosexual movement uses the rainbow as its main symbol.

There was more. The participants sang the hymn, "Somos El Cuerpo de Cristo" ("We Are the Body of Christ"). A concelebrant spoke of homosexuals' "'pride of belonging' to the [C]hurch," The Tidings said. He added, "we have a place in the [C]hurch because of our baptism."

Another concelebrant spoke of the Ministry members at Blessed Sacrament Parish being "involved in every facet of the community," and he added, "That speaks of the spirit of God with them and with us." Ministry coordinator Fran Ruth said, "...hopefully, one day we won't have a need for this ministry. Hopefully, one day we'll just be all together."

But could it be that talk of "we are the Body," of "belonging," of "a place in the Church," of "every facet of the community" and of "one day we'll just be all together" might lend itself to the interpretation that seminaries and the priesthood should admit homosexuals? Let us hope that the padres who spoke did not mean it that way and did qualify it. Anyone who uses such language should be careful to qualify it to rule out such an interpretation. And The Tidings should be thorough and responsible enough to be sure to quote any such qualifiers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the dancing and banner waving arround an altar reminds me of some sort of Wiccan ritual performed in a forest clearing during a full-moon-lit night!
Are you sure the "mass" wasn't performed at Stonehenge?

11:37 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

mvh: They don't need "Stonehenge" - they've got the Taj Mahony. Which has a square altar, I'm convinced, entirely because it's convenient for the Druid circles that meet there with regularity.

6:09 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

I tried to rant about this on my blog, but my computer kept crashing. I think Mahony has sent someone to Orlando to install some kind of secret software that makes the computer crash whenever I mention his name on my blog.

At any rate, you might want to point out that in the same issue of Tidings, there is a link to his letter where he claims to support the Church's teaching on homosexuality, including not doing anything that implies that it is okay. Hmmmm... Like a procession with a rainbow fish banner to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Gay and Lebian Mass?

Mahony is SO full of we all know what.

7:17 AM  

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