Aug 8, 2006

Dolores Huerta is pro-abortion

That Los Angeles Times news story on Monday, Aug. 7, about the California Labor Federation opposing this November's Proposition 85, the pro-life parental notification initiative, wrote about Dolores Huerta, 76, a co-founder of the United Farm Workers Union (UFW) and a visitor, from time to time, to Cardinal Mahony's Cathedral.

Perhaps most recently she was at the Cathedral on April 5 of this year for Cardinal Mahony's Mass on his day of fasting for immigration "reform"; the AP photographed her at Mass and the Cardinal greeting her afterwards.

The trouble is, Dolores Huerta is a flaming pro-abortion agitator and lobbyist. In September 2004, said the Fresno Bee, she told the UFW convention, "I'm the mother of 11 children, and I'm Catholic. But [abortion] is the proper choice of every woman. It's not the government's decision to determine how many children we're going to have."

She is still at it. The Times reported Monday that she helped persuade the CLF to go pro-abortion by speaking in favor of it and by arranging for the Feminist Majority [sic] Foundation to send 12 interns to hand out abortion propaganda leaflets at the CLF convention hotel.

Incidentally, Mrs. Huerta goes places besides the Cathedral. The People's Weekly World of March 26, 2005, reported that she attended the Anne Burlak Timpson Labor Forum, an annual International Women’s Day event in Boston, on March 11, 2005. There, said the newspaper, "[Mrs.] Huerta received the 'Red Flame Award' for outstanding progressive [sic] leadership. The award’s name is based on the nickname of Anne Burlak Timpson, an outstanding labor organizer and leader of the CPUSA [Communist Party USA]."

After the California Labor Federation went pro-abortion, Cardinal Mahony's spokesman Tod Tamberg told the Los Angeles Times, "It doesn't preclude us from working together on those areas where we do share common concerns."

It is high time to stop having "common concerns" with Red Flamers and pro-aborts!


Anonymous MVH said...

I shocked!! SHOCKED, I say. To find that a Leftist is also a pro-abort!

10:23 PM  
Blogger Tito said...

Sad, so sad.

6:08 AM  
Anonymous Kenneth Fisher, Founder & Chrm. CRCOA said...

The late Congressman Clyde Doyle, then Ranking Member of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, told me plenty about her.

Kenneth M. Fisher

9:44 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Kenneth,

Thank you for using the correct name of the House Committee on Un-American Activities. I knew you would use the correct version!

As we know, the Communists and their stooges and dupes have always used a false name for it, and a false anagram as well.

The Reds and their fellow travelers always say, "House Un-American Activities Committee," to give people the impression that the committee engaged in un-American activities. They also use the false acronym "HUAC," which has an unpleasant ring to it.

The House Committee on Un-American Activities fought well to protect our USA when there was a genuine Communist threat here. Its members deserve our lasting gratitude.

10:35 PM  
Anonymous Kenneth Fisher, Founder & Chrm. CRCOA said...

The battle for the House Committee on Un-American Activites was lost, where else, on the COLLEGE CAMPUSES!

Thanks for your kind words for the men who stood up on that Committee.

Congressman Doyle was my friend and my mentor.

Kenneth M. Fisher

2:27 PM  

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