Aug 19, 2006

Priests barred from being witch doctors

Here is a brief item from the Aug. 17, 2006, edition of USA Today:

"S. African priests barred from being witch doctors -- The Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference warned priests to stop moonlighting as witch doctors, fortune tellers and traditional healers, and to rely on Christ for miracles. The Conference, which represents bishops in South Africa, Swaziland and Botswana, said on its website that some priests were using the traditonal African practice of calling on ancestors for healing. it said the practice 'borders on idolatry.'"

To read the bishops' pastoral statement, click on this post's title.

Now, if only certain Catholics in our Archdiocese of Los Angeles and around the USA would give up their atatchment to the occult, New Age, brujas, enneagrams, the four directions "prayer," pagan rites, "goddess" worship, superstitions, astrology, etc.!


Blogger Jared said...

Oi. People don't realize how dangerous this stuff truly is. I've experienced firsthand some of what happens when people invoke forces and entities they don't even begin to understand. Sure a lot (maybe most) of these witch doctor types are charlatans but at least SOME of them actually succeed in calling up dark powers disguising themselves as angels of light, spirit guides, or some other supposedly benevolent beings.

Scary stuff at which those who've not experienced it will scoff. I pray they never find out first-hand just how real it is.

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Consanescerion said...

Have you ever looked closely at the doors of the LA cathedral?

'Folded in the grapevine are 40 ancient symbols that represent pre-Christian images from Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. The images include the eagle, griffin, goose, Southwest Indian Flying Serpent, bee, hand, ostrich, dove, Chinese turtle, Samoan kava bowl, the Native American Chumash man, the dolphin, the Tree of Jesse, Tai Chi, and many others.'

Cathedral Doors

To 'avoid practices bordering on idolatry' we'd have to melt down those doors.

4:45 AM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Consanescerion,

Excellent comment and link! Thank you for writing. Yes, anyone who scrutinizes the cathedral doors is in for a big and unhappy surprise.

1:25 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Jared,

Yes, the fact that the occult is real and is demonic is exactly why we Christians and everyone else MUST stay far away from it.

And anyone who has been in the occult, even once, needs to repent and get to Confession right away --both to receive absolution and to obtain the counsel of the priest about any needed follow-up.

1:31 PM  
Blogger Jared said...

Q: Agreed. Fr. Gabriel Amorth has many interesting things to say on the subject. I highly recommend his book An Exorcist Tells His Story and the sequel.

1:37 PM  
Blogger skeetor said...

If it doesn't come from God (via Jesus) it comes from satan. End of discussion. not that I have an opinion on the matter.

5:23 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Skeetor,

Glad to hear from you. And your "end of discussion" conclusion is pretty conclusive! Thanks for checking in.

9:40 PM  

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