Oct 25, 2006

More on the Amy Berg film

Today's San Francisco Chronicle ran a review (click on this post's title) of the Amy Berg documentary "Deliver Us from Evil" about the O'Grady sex abuse case in the Diocese of Stockton, which was under then-Bishop Roger Mahony, 1980-1985.

The U.S. government deported O'Grady to his native Ireland in 2000 after he served half of a 14-year sentence here. The Chronicle article says, "...according to Berg, [O'Grady] has fled Ireland in the wake of publicity about the movie. His whereabouts are unknown, a frightening development to those he abused decades ago, who are still haunted by him."

The Chronicle quotes Cardinal Mahony spokesman Tod Tamberg as calling the film "an obvious anti-[C]hurch hit piece.'' The article continues:

"In a phone interview with The Chronicle, Tamberg said, 'Everyone should be saddened by the kind of emotional and spiritual devastation that these kind of child molesters can wreak on individuals and families. That said, this movie is incredibly biased and omits many facts that would've changed the assumption the movie makes.'"

The review continues: "The movie, Tamberg added, 'is chock full of attorneys and expert witnesses who make millions of dollars every year in abuse litigation against the [C]hurch. It's a big advertisement for them.'''

Okay, Tod, what facts does the film omit?


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Mr. Tanberg, we Catholic aren't going to fall for that "it all anti-Catholicism" line again. Yes, there are anti-Catholic sentiments in this country but to use them as an excuse for your boss's guilt (and that of his "brother enable...I mean, bishops" is really insulting to the intelligence of the average person.

12:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The whole organization is a cult for pedophiles. Just stare at their faces. Look at them. What kind of men preside over others in ritual? Creeps!

11:21 AM  

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