Nov 4, 2006

Little Brandon, age 6, is a real Catholic hero

Remember the story this past July of the New York City cop who ticketed the car of Father Cletus Forson of St. Andrew the Apostle Church in Brooklyn?

Father Forson was on a rush call to bring the Last Sacraments to a very ill elderly lady in Maimonides Medical Center, and because time was of the essence and no parking places were available, he parked his car in an ambulance space and displayed his "Clergy on Call" permit.

As you can imagine, the Catholicism and the God-given freedom of religion of Father Forson and the very ill elderly lady carried no weight whatsoever with the august bureaucratic majesties of the parking "authority" of Gotham. The disgraceful city bully-crats have now refused twice to nullify the ticket and rescind the $115 fine.

Here is where Brandon Rodriguez, age 6, of Florida comes in. Click on this post's title to read his story. Learning what happened from his Dad, Brandon immediately emptied his piggy bank of its $3.42 in change and asked if it was enough to go to New York and pay Father's fine.

Being wonderful parents, Brandon's Mom and Dad said it was enough, and within a few days they flew to New York and Brandon and Father Forson got to meet.

Brandon said, "I felt really happy to give [Father Forson] him the money [for the ticket]. That's what God wants. He wants everybody to be nice to each other."

By the way, some $1,500 that the public had already sent Father earlier this summer is going to charity.

Let's hope little Brandon does not hear about the Archdiocese of New York wrecking 150-year-old St. Brigid Church on the Lower East Side. No amount of money could save St. Brigid from the wreckers, not even an innocent, good-hearted little Catholic boy's $3.42 in change.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Quintero, Thanks for posting my sons story.Brandon is an awesome human being and only being six years old. Last night News 13 here in Orlando Florida interviewed Brandon and he is now the Central Floridian of the week, month or year. He is an amazing child and we are so blessed to have him around us....He surely keeps us grounded and reminds us all the time how much he loves his creature. Thank you so much for sharing his story in California....He is crazy to go there and visit Ronald Regans museum. He and I watched every thing the day he left us.....Well God Bless you and I won't tell him about the bridge, so don't worry....lololo. Take care Izzy, Brandons can always write him here at!!!! Have a blessed day.....!!!!!!

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This story is false and never happened. His father is a liar and mentally ill. He beats his mother and tells lies to the world. He is not a true Catholic!

1:49 PM  

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