Dec 1, 2006

Cardinal Mahony to pay million$, cut "services and ministries"

If you want to know something of the sad, sad high spiritual and financial cost of letting homosexuals into seminaries and holy orders, brace yourself and listen to this.

Cardinal Roger Mahony, reports the Los Angeles Times (click on this post's title), said Friday morning, December 1, that the Archdiocese of Los Angeles will pay $60 million to settle 45 of the 562 clergy sex abuse cases pending against it.

Here is the most salient part of the Times article:

"The settlement would be the first by the archdiocese and would represent 8% of the 562 cases brought by people who claimed the archdiocese failed to protect them from pedophile priests. The average award to each claimant — $1.3 million — would be among the highest of the major sex abuse settlements against the Catholic Church in the United States. Mahony said there will be 'more pain' as the rest of the claims are settled. 'We will be looking at some lessening of our services and ministries.'"

"More pain." "Lessening of our services and ministries." But the Church, in her calling of saving souls, is supposed to grow, not shrink!

$60 million for 8% of the claimants translates into $750 million for all of them -- $749,333,146, to be exact.

Soon we might be seeing bumper stickers around L.A. that say, "Honk if you've received a settlement from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles."

But, seriously: An indispensable way for Cardinal Mahony to begin "lessening services and ministries" is to sell the $200 million cathedral, and never to close and sell off ANY of our Archdiocese's beautiful traditional churches.


Anonymous DAve said...

Well I predicted a year ago that his bizarre behavior has all been a deliberate distraction from the fiscal realities of the price of his poor stewardship.

I believe now it becomes more apparent that he's made massive commitments to provide "services and ministries" to our illegal friends which will, of course and to his way of thinking by necessity require the poorest citizens of this diocese to take this hit squarely on the chin. 3/4 of a BILLION dollars.

Politically I don't see his buddy Villaraigosa letting Mahony off the hook for promises and commitments he's made to the illegal community.
You keep giving away stuff like there's always gonna be an endless supply and then one day you wake up and you have nothing left.

1:21 AM  

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