Jan 22, 2007

New pro-life student publication at UCLA!

A new pro-life student publication (click on this post's title) has debuted at UCLA today.

It has good, informative stuff, and it has an eye-opening expose of UCLA counselors giving out solely the pro-abortion line to a student (secretly one of the publication's staffers) who came in last November and told the counselor she was unexpectedly pregnant.

These kids look like they sure deserve our support, and everyone's.


Blogger Patrick said...

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that the girl lied to the counsellor? Please say yes. I'm glad The Advocate is being published, and I'm glad UCLA has an alternate voice for the pro-life cause, but deliberate deception like this sullies the message, to say the least.

This tactic reminds me of, oh, pro-abortionists who have no problem with underhanded scheming to promote their agenda. We join hands with their methods at our peril.

It is formal Catholic teaching that we are not permitted to lie, not even for a great and noble reason. According to the Catechism, lying is an *intrinsic* evil.

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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