Mar 21, 2007

Letter-writers slam Cardinal

Did you see the letters to the editor about Cardinal Mahony's role in the Caffoe case (click on this post's title) in today's Los Angeles Times? They are not exactly flattering.

Also, Times columnist Steve Lopez slams the Cardinal in his column today.

Observers say the Cardinal or someone else in the Archdiocese should have contacted the police about the evident criminal acts that were on the videotape.


Blogger Paul said...

Uncle Di hits another one out of the park on this one.

If link doesn't work, go to:, click on "Off the Record" and scroll down to "my lawyers ate my homework."

Here's a snippet:

"Lawyers blunder. Bishops make mistakes. We can understand occasional discrepancies in this kind of material. But Mahony has the reputation he does because the putative mistakes, misstatements, memory lapses, etc., always work to his personal advantage. When has he ever forgotten an incident that puts him a good light? When has he mislaid a letter in which he acted to his own detriment in order to protect a spiritual good? Why is it that the Vatican got the "sexual arousal" story and the rest of us the "no sexual activity" version? -- why is it never the other way around?"

I concur with the 1st letter-writer in the Times: the Cardinal's credibility is non-existent. For the good of the Church, he should resign.

Paul in Long Beach

9:39 AM  

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