Mar 5, 2007

More from Amy Berg

In yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle "Datebook" section, Hugh Hart's "Industry Buzz" column (sorry, I do not have the link) interviews Amy Berg, the maker of the documentary film "Deliver Us from Evil," which is about the O'Grady case.

Miss Berg says Cardinal Roger Mahony "has gotten a total pass." Hart quotes her further:

"He never responded to any allegations in this film himself. He's still a guest at the Easter parade, standing next to the mayor. He's very empowered politicially, and that makes you wonder if he is reachable...

"However, I do know Mahony is vulnerable in a case right now and that the district attorney in Los Angeles was very enthusiastic about some of the information in the film."

None of this is really new, but it is what is out there currently.


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