May 4, 2007

Pro-lifers to protest Catholic forum for pro-abortion H. Rodham C.

Kudos to Joe Scheidler and his gallant compatriots at the Pro-Life Action League in Chicago for their plans (click on this post's title) to picket this coming Monday's (May 7) appearance of the notoriously pro-abortion presidential candidate H. Rodham Clinton at a Catholic fundraiser.

The people who invited H. Rodham C. are doing enormous damage to the Church and are literally endangering the lives of millions of preborn babies now and in the future.

This is a national matter, not just one for Cardinal George. All of the U.S. bishops, including Cardinal Mahony and all the California bishops, need to tell the Mercy Home in no uncertain terms this weekend to disinvite their abortion queen.

No, that will not happen.

But I would far rather be outside on the Windy City picket lines with Joe Scheidler and friends this Monday than cozied up inside the luncheon with all the pro-abortion Catholics and their pro-abortion, pro-homosexual darling politician. How about you?


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