Jun 28, 2007

Poll: Hispanics returning to Democrat ranks

See today's USA Today for the results of a new poll (click on this post's title) that says U.S. Hispanics, who voted 40% for President Bush in 2004, are returning to the Democrat fold almost 3 to 1.

An H. Rodham Clinton presidency would entrench abortion, and probably euthanasia, in the USA for decades to come. She would be a disaster for preborn babies and all vulnerable persons.

Obviously, this should be a wake-up call to our bishops, who ought to tell Hispanics and all Catholics that H. Rodham Clinton is a pro-abortion zealot for whom Catholics may not vote.

But we know that, privately, many of our bishops and clergy are die-hard, rock-ribbed Democrats who rejoice in the inroads that H. Rodham and other Democrats are making.

If any bishops, here in Los Angeles, want to prove me wrong on this, I'd be happy to have them do so. But I'm not holding my breath. Are you?

So we all need to start now and find effective ways to tell our Hispanic/Latino friends and communities the truth that our bishops and clergy have not: That Hillary is pro-abortion.


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