Jul 14, 2007

"Extraordinary," you say?

Our many recalcitrant, obedience-challenged liberal bishops and clergy are decreeing, and making what they hope is a self-fulfilling prediction, that the Tridentine Latin Mass will not be celebrated often and widely because it is the "extraordinary" form.

Yet these are the same liberals who for decades now have used "EXTRAORDINARY ministers of the Eucharist" at Mass often and widely and far more than could ever be "necessary."

What phonies they are. Sickening phonies.

So if the liberals are going to use "extraordinary" to mean "rare" or "in practice, never," for the Mass of the Ages, then they have to use it that way for "extraordinary ministers." The liberals have to get rid of the extraordinary ministers. That'll be the day.

Or the liberals have to use the "extraordinary" Tridentine Latin Mass just as widely and often and ubiquitously as they use "extraordinary ministers." That'll really be the day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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