Aug 28, 2007

Blessed Mother Teresa, pray for us!

It was only a matter of time before someone responded to recent news reports and gave a Catholic explanation for the spiritual dryness that Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta endured for so many years as she "served Jesus in distressing disguise."

Now Carl E. Olson, editor of the Ignatius Insight online newsletter, has given that good explanation (click on this post's title). Bravo, Carl!

Blessed Mother Teresa, pray for us!


Blogger Ma Beck said...

The nearly insufferable Andrew Greeley has a column up about it, too, here:

(He writes one column a year I agree with. I guess this one is it.)

I would disagree with his point about doubt, though.
Greeley "doubting" 20 times before breakfast is hardly akin to the crushing cross Mother bore - she was looked to as an example of true Christian behavior by the entire world, yet felt abandoned.
How presumptuous to compare our little inconvenient, annoying, gnat-like doubts to Mother's pain!
Most of us have "doubts" from time to time - Satan loves to put diversions and distractions and doubt in our lives. Do I dare think I am holy and worthy enough to have a dark night of the soul?
My doubt is natural. Mother's was supernatural, and further proof of her saintliness.

Just my two cents.

7:55 AM  

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