Aug 11, 2007

The "social justice" phonies don't care that Saturdays are the last day of life for many babies such as this dear little girl or boy

As we know from their words and especially their inaction, almost no Catholic "social justice" phonies care one bit about the worst social injustice of our times, the cruel aborting of thousands of baby girls and boys every day, including hundreds in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

We should join our local pro-lifers at the abortion mills on Saturdays and whenever we can; and if ever for good reason we cannot be there, we should pray at those times for the babies and the pro-lifers, for the conversion of the parents and for the closing of the abortion mills.

The baby above, by the way, was just four months along. You can find this photo and those of other babies at the web site of Priests for Life (click on this post's title). The site also has photos of aborted babies on a separate page.

Ah, yes, the social justice phonies prate about "love" and "justice"; they congratulate themselves on being "loving"; but they castigate and lie about pro-lifers who save babies, and on their road to Jericho every day they step right over the torn and bloody bodies of the aborted babies.

Let's also pray for the conversion of the "social justice" phonies who ignore and sometimes even favor and justify the crying injustice of cruelly aborting millions of baby girls and boys.

The equation has become, "Social justice = Dead babies."

Let me think a minute. Which political party is it that 100% supports aborting babies? Oh, yes -- it must be the democrats.

So how many Catholic "social justice" types do you know who do NOT vote for the party of mass baby-killing, the democrats? How many Catholic bishops and priests do you know who do NOT vote for the mass baby-killing party, the democrats?

Today, every Saturday and every day, let's you and I do something to save babies, and let's pray for the babies, for all pro-lifers and for restoration of the right to life -- true social justice.


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