Aug 10, 2007

The news media are disrespecting the priesthood again

Twice in the past week, once in USA Today and once in the L.A. Times, I have seen a bizarre new usage that is disrespectful to our Catholic priests and our Catholic priesthood.

Instead of saying, "Father John Doe," they say, "priest John Doe."

That is a very anti-Catholic and anti-clerical usage and tone. They had to go out of their way to think that up and write it.

Nobody talks that way in real life. They say, "Father John Doe," never "priest John Doe."

Actually, some people do write that way and have written that way: Evil, avowed enemies of the Church such as dictators, fascists, nazis, communists, anarchists, etc.

Little-noticed things like this are harbingers of persecution. What do you think?

O Mary, Queen of the Clergy and Mother of the Church, pray for us and our beloved priests!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prepare for the coming times with an intense prayer and sacramental life, while it is readily available. Tehe persecution has been from the inside but the exterior persecution is coming.
We have been warned! How else can we be martyrs?

8:53 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Yes, this is an insidious type of persecution. Just as, in our language, some groups are called "Christian" and in this usage, there is a distinction made between them and "Catholics."

6:50 AM  

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