Sep 24, 2007

Cardinal Mahony's 13th Annual Public Policy Breakfast, 8 a.m. this Friday, Sept. 28

The Archdiocesan web site is announcing (click on this post's title) that the Cardinal's public policy breakfast theme this year will be "California's Health Care Crisis: Action for Reform."

Yes, we have a crisis -- but it's also true that politicians label something a "crisis" to stampede the public into accepting undesirable "solutions." So we need to beware of all proposed statist "solutions" that will loot taxpayers' hard-earned dollars and implement pro-death measures such as "rationing" (read: REFUSING) nourishment and treatment to the elderly, infirm and poor.

Wonder if the taxpayer-funded aborting of hundreds of thousands of California babies yearly will be on the agenda? What are the odds on that?

The Archdiocese says: "The Public Policy Breakfast is an opportunity to engage elected officials, business and community leaders, and key religious representatives from throughout the region in discussion on issues of concern to our respective constituencies." Wonder if they'll take questions?

There will be "4 selected speakers." Wonder if any or all are pro-abortion, pro-contraception, pro-euthanasia? What are the odds on that?

The $25 confab will be at the Shriners Hospital, 3160 Geneva Street, L.A.


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