Oct 31, 2007

The martyrs of Spain -- lest we forget

If you want to learn about the heroism and faith of true Catholics, and if you want to learn of the demonic hatred that Communists have for Jesus, Mary and the Church, do a web search on "martires de Espana" and "guerra civil."

There you will find links to articles and videos about the Spanish Communists' killings of thousands of Catholic bishops, priests, seminarians, sisters, brtohers and lay people during the leftist Republic and the Spanish civil war, and the burnings of hundreds of Catholic churches and other buildings.

Be forewarned that the accounts and images you will see are shocking in the extreme, as well as heartbreaking.

And never forget that the Communists today are just as full of hatred for you and me -- they begrudge Pope Benedict XVI's beatification of 498 martyrs of Spain, and they want to kill us, too.

So tell any Catholic you know who is what the Reds call "a useful idiot" -- one who believes all the lies about Communists being good guys -- the truth about what Communists do to Catholics when they get the opportunity.

"There is no place for God in the Revolution." -- Fidel Castro

Let's say rosaries and other prayers in reparation for the crimes of Communists, and in petition to God to sustain and deliver all our fellow Catholics and other Christians being persecuted by Communists right now, and in thanksgiving for the heroism and example of Spain's and all modern martyrs and victims.


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