Oct 22, 2007

More news about the Sisters of Bethany

I don't have the citation for you, or a link, but I understand that in a recent edition, the Santa Barbara paper reported that "the Archdiocese," Regional Bishop Thomas Curry and the Mother General of the Sisters of Bethany have all told the being-evicted Sisters in Santa Barbara that they may stay in town.

The newspaper said, though, that reportedly the Sisters have been told they may not relocate near their current home in Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish.

Yet presumably, many of the poor people whom the Sisters help live in that same area.

If that newspaper report is true, does all this sound to you as if the Sisters are being none too subtly encouraged to give up and go live in their mother house in L.A.?

Are they being told, "Sure, you can stay in Santa Barbara, but you have to come up with a new home yourselves and it can't be near the people you help. So there won't be much for you to do in Santa Barbara, but you can stay there."


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