Oct 18, 2007

San Diego Diocese might sell seminary!

The AP is reporting (click on this post's title) that Bishop Robert Brom of San Diego says he might sell his diocesan seminary.

Great. So the molester and cover-up scandal now could wreck a whole diocese's priestly vocations recruitment and formation for who knows how long.

The AP article says this:

"The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego is asking parishioners to donate $25 million to help pay for its $198.1 million settlement with childhood sex abuse victims.

"The diocesan headquarters and a nearby seminary may have to be sold if the campaign is unsuccessful, Bishop Robert H. Brom wrote in a letter dated Monday that will be sent to parishioners with a note from individual pastors.

"'I need your help to cover the expense we incurred recently through compassionate outreach to our brothers and sisters who suffered sexual abuse within the family of the church so that we can continue, without serious jeopardy, the many other aspects of the mission,' Brom wrote.

"Earlier this month, the bishop asked the 280 priests in the diocese to contribute one month's salary — about $1,535 — to the 'Embracing Our Mission' campaign. The idea came from current priests who saw it as a gesture toward the 144 men and women who claimed they were abused by clergy and church workers when they were minors.

"The average payout will be $1.38 million per victim, according to the settlement announced last month."

Maybe by threatening to sell the seminary Bishop Brom is just priming the pump to get more money from the fleeced -- I mean, the flock.

By the way, notice the Orwellian language Bishop Brom uses. He calls his mega-payout "compassionate outreach," and he calls his "fund-the-payout" campaign, "Embracing Our Mission."

Somehow I thought the mission of the Catholic Church was a bit wider in scope than funding payouts. Didn't you think so, too?


Blogger Dad29 said...

"Embracing Our Mission"...

Which resulted from "embracing sodomites...."

So exactly WHOSE "mission" IS that, Excellency?

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If only we had some one in charge - we could call him "father" or "pope" - and he would clean up this mess!

Unfortunately we only have a benedict the whatever. He talks a good game - but that's all.

9:42 PM  
Blogger Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Maybe the Muslims will buy it and convert it for their own uses.

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well the seminaries are expendable since they can send them off to other seminaries. Considering the left coasts lack of orthodoxy there is at least a chance some of the seminarians would end up with a better environment. Look at the the sorry history of St. Johns in LA. You have to have enough orthodox teachers in your Archdiocese before you can have an orthodox seminary. If it existed today it would be full nothing but heretics and homosexual teachers.
If by some miracle, Rome appointed an orthodox bishop to LA, the seminary would have been a headache to clean up. As it is now the new bishop would merely need to send students to an orthodox seminary.

1:52 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Quo Vadis,

That's a good point that if bishops want to, they can send men to orthodox seminaries elsewhere.

There are always ways to get around the liberals' misrule, if we look hard enough.

10:53 AM  

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