Dec 4, 2007

"Bella" doing well, can still use our help

Today's Los Angeles Times has an excellent article in the Calendar section on the makers and the marketing of the heartwarming pro-adoption film, "Bella."

The movie is doing quite a bit better than most smaller films not in major release. Many people like "Bella" so much that they're volunteering to promote it by seeing it several times, telling their friends about it, buying multiple tickets and even renting a whole showing at a theater.

There's a danger, though, that the Christmas mass-marketed hit movies could drive "Bella" out of a lot of theaters. So you and I should be promoting "Bella." It's literally a life-saver. You see...

More than a week ago, someone wrote that "Bella" had already caused seven moms to decide against aborting their babies. That was just one figure given, and who knows how many more moms have decided the same thing!

Be sure to read the Times article -- you'll enjoy it -- and also go to the film's web site:

See you at the movies!


Blogger Clayton said...

There seem to be a whole parade of pro-life films this fall. Just saw "Juno" last weekend. I think it's especially effective because it wasn't TRYING to be a pro-life film, and it will reach an audience that Bella will not, and gets into the messiness of giving a child up for adoption that Bella glossed over.

See Barbara Nicolosi's review here.

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