Apr 30, 2008

New book says Gorbachev among signers of Soviet politburo "death sentence" against Pope John Paul II

The April 30 online New Oxford Review bulletin linked to a story (click on this post's title) about a new book by John O. Koehler and published by Znak -- find it at www.znak.com/pl

The article says the book reports that a Kremlin document from 1979, signed by the Politburo members including Gorbachev, told the KGB, “Use all available possibilities to prevent a new political trend, initiated by the Polish pope, and if necessary - reach to means beyond disinformation and discreditation.”

Koehler says that formulation was a death sentence.

This is "strike three" against Gorbachev, or more like "strike gazillion." He presided over the USSR and its vast gulag slave labor camp network, delayed warnings about the seriousness of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and, contrary to liberal propaganda, acceded to the dissolution of the Soviet Evil Empire only kicking and screaming and remaining attached to Communism.

So tell any liberals you know that this proves Gorbachev is no environmentalist, New Age, warm, fuzzy teddy bear.


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